Cryptocurrency Watcher


Utilizing the public API provided by Coinbase we decided to put this small app together to help you keep track of the value of each of the crypto currencies that Coinbase supports.

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Menu when the app is first opened.

Menu after getting the values of the Cryptocurrencies for all the currently supported Cryptocurrencies.

The preferences menu showing the options at your disposal.

The Price History Window. When you launch the app and make several inquiries regarding each crypto currency, the history of your value checks will be listed.

The today widget showing in the Notification Center Today section.


Cryptocurrency Watcher is neither endorsed nor supported by, this app uses the public API provided by the Coinbase Developer website to get the spot (current price which could be different than the selling price) of each Currency supported (Currently: Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Bitcoin Cash [BTC]). This app is not intended to help make any financial decisions implied or otherwise. Use your best judgement when making financial decisions and/or consult with your financial consultant before making any significant decisions regarding any purchases. This app is provided as is without any warranties or guarantees.