Simple BINGO Caller came about because I volunteered to host a Senior BINGO Day at the local Senior Center. For a while I was calling the numbers myself, which a few times I did while I had a cold. I realized that something like that would be very easily made into an app and would help to save my voice.

Screenshots top

Simple BINGO Caller with 3 numbers called by tapping the button with asterisk
Connect the app to an external display to see the BINGO Board
By tapping the button with an R you can reset the game, careful there isn't a way to undo!
You can view all numbers called by tapping the blank circle button
By tapping the gear icon you can bring up the Preferences, currently toggling the system voice for calling the BINGO numbers

App Availability top

Simple BINGO Caller is available on the iOS App Store for $4.99 USD.


iOS 13.1 and Higher is required.

Privacy Policy top

Simple BINGO Caller and GryphonClaw Software does not collect any user information, therefore there is not a need for a privacy policy.